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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-73

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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 676:  ‘Which of the following is a sign of bad wheel alignment?
Options :
1. Good cornering effect
2. Neutral steer
3. The steering wheel returns to the centre
4. The vehicle pulls to one side


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 677:- In a disc brake, which component provides the pad-to-disc adjustment?
Options :
A.  Bleed screw
B.  Piston
C. Caliper
D. Piston seal


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 678:- ‘Which of the following parts will face maximum wear?
Options :
A. Brake drum
B. Friction lining
C. Wheel cylinders
D. Retracting lever


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 679:-  Read the given statement and conclusions carefully. Which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement?
An air brake or, more formally. a compressed-air-brake system, is a type of friction brake for vehicles in which compressed air pressing on a piston is used to apply the pressure to the brake pad to stop the vehicle. Air brakes are used in large heavy vehicles.

I) Air brakes are used in cars.
II) Air brakes are used in trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers.

Options :
A. Only Conclusion I follows
B. Only Conclusion II follows
C. Both conclusions follow
D. Statement is true, both conclusions are false


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 680:- ‘What is the pressure on air brakes?
Options :
A. 100 to 120 psi
B. 80t090psi
C. 15010200 psi
D. 321040 psi



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