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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-51

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-51
Question 501:- Which of the following is under performance test?
(A) Preliminary tests
(B) Air resistance
(C) Maximum speed
(D) All are correct

Question 502:- Which of the following is the advantage of hydraulic brake system?
(A) Wearing parts are lesser
(B) System is self compensating
(C) System provides equal braking effect
(D) All are correct

Question 503:- Wheel cylinder consists of …… pistons.
(A) 2 or 1
(B) 3 or 1
(C) 2 or 3
(D) 3 or 4

Question 504:- What is the remedies of cause ‘Lack of brake oil’?
(A) Adjust brake shoe
(B) Top up brake oil
(C) Fit new lining
(D) All are correct

Question 505:- What is the remedy of the cause ‘worn out brake linings’?
(A) Adjust brake lining or fit new lining
(B) Bleed the brake system
(C) Adjust the brake shoe
(D) All are correct

Question 506:- What is the cause of noisy brakes fault?
(A) Bent back plate
(B) Dirty lining
(C) Drum distorted
(D) All are correct

Question 507:- What is the cause of brake pedal spongy fault?
(A) Air in hydraulic system
(B) Improper brake oil
(C) Both are correct
(D) None of these

Question 508:- Separator is made up of which of the following material?
(A) Wood
(B) Plastic
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

Question 509:- Battery box is made of hard …… with separate compartments for each cell.
(A) Wood
(B) Rubber
(C) Plastic
(D) None of these

Question 510:- In electrolyte the ratio between pure sulphuric acid and distilled water.
(A) 1: 7
(B) 2: 8
(C) 1: 10
(D) 10: 11


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