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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-14

Question 131:- The piston-skirt clearance at room temperature is about
(a) 0.004 mm
(b) 0.04 mm
(c) 0.4 mm
(d) 1 mm

Question 132:- Piston pins on some engines are offset to the
(a) right side
(b) left side
(c) major thrust side
(d) minor thrust side

Question 133:- The purpose of piston rings is to control
(a) combustion pressures
(b) cylinder wall lubrication
(c) oil consumption
(d) all of the above

Question 134:- In autothermic pistons steel inserts arc used to
(a) reduce piston expansion
(b) control the direction of expansion
(c) reduce piston weight
(d) make the piston stronger

Question 135:- The minimum number of compression rings in an automotive engine is
(a) one
(b) two
(c) three
(d) four

Question 136:- Compression rings are generally made of
(a) low carbon steel
(b) high carbon steel
(c) aluminium
(d) chromium

Question 137:- The uppermost ring on a piston is usually plated with
(a) steel
(b) cast iron
(c) aluminium
(d) chromium

Question 138:- On the compression stroke the rings are pressed against
(a) top of groove
(b) bottom of groove
(c) inner side of groove
(d) all of these

Question 139:- The primary purpose of a ring expander is to
(a) make up for cylinder wear
(b) increase static ring tension
(c) decrease dynamic ring tension
(d) reduce ring vibrations

Question 140:- Connecting rod connects the crankshaft and the
(a) cylinder head
(b) cylinder block
(c) piston
(d) camshaft


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