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1050+ Automobile Engineering MCQ PDF Download

Automobile engineering is a highly competitive field, and to succeed in it, it is necessary to have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. To test your understanding of automobile engineering concepts and prepare for the MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspector) and JE (Junior Engineer) recruitment examinations like AMVI, SSC, state PSC, RRB etc., it is essential to have access to high-quality study material with large amount of important multiple choice questions for learning and practicing. One such resource that can be highly beneficial is a PDF eBook containing a large number of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using an PDF containing 1050+ automobile engineering MCQ Pdf for MVI and JE recruitment examination preparation.

What is an Automobile Engineering MCQ PDF?

An automobile engineering MCQ PDF is a digital book that contains a large number of multiple-choice questions related to automobile engineering for MVI as well as Junior Engineer recruitment examination, beneficial for SCC as well as State PSC exams. These multiple choice questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of various topics related to automobile engineering, including vehicle design, mechanics, materials, manufacturing, safety, Motor vehicle acts and regulations, engine, transmission and all other topics important for exam.

An MCQ eBook can be an excellent study resource for anyone preparing for MVI and JE recruitment examinations. It can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the subject matter and allow you to focus your study efforts accordingly.

Benefits of using an Automobile Engineering MCQ

There are several benefits to using an automobile engineering MCQ eBook to prepare for MVI and JE examinations. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: An MCQ eBook typically contains a vast collection of questions covering a wide range of topics and subtopics related to automobile engineering based on JE and AMVI recruitment examination pattern. This means that you can be assured that you will be exposed to a broad range of concepts and principles.
  2. Time-Efficient: MCQs are designed to be answered within a specific time frame, which helps improve time management skills during the exam. This means that by practicing MCQs, you can become more efficient in answering questions within a given period.
  3. Flexibility: An MCQ eBook can be easily downloaded and accessed on mobile devices, which allows you to study on-the-go, at your convenience.
  4. Helps with Retention: Research has shown that answering MCQs can help improve the retention of information compared to other types of exam questions, such as open-ended or essay questions.
  5. Real-World Situations: MCQs are similar to the type of questions you may encounter in real exams in the automobile engineering, such as AMVI and Junior Engineer. By practicing MCQs, you can prepare for AMVI and JE recruitment exam.

Buying and Downloading the Automobile Engineering MCQ

To purchase an automobile engineering MCQ PDF, you can visit the link given below that offer PDF.

Download Sample: Automobile Engineering MCQ PDF 2nd Edition.pdf

Refresh the page if PDF preveiw shows error.

Some sample questions are given below:

Question:- The maximum intensity of pressure which the clutch facing can withstand without being damaged is about
(a) 10 Pa
(b) 10 kPa
(c) 100 kPa
(d) 1000 kPa

Question:- By using synchronizing device, the two involved adjacent gears have their speeds
(a) increased
(b) reduced
(c) equalized
(d) un-equalised

Question :- Lateral bending of the frame side members may be caused on account of
(a) weight of passengers
(b) side wind
(c) engine torque
(d) braking torque

Question :- In a simple epicyclic gear set, the output member to increase torque in reverse is always
(a) ring gear
(b) planet carrier
(c) sun gear
(d) none of the above

Question :- The adjustment for backlash in a differential is provided between
(a) crown wheel and the sun gear
(b) sun gear and the planet gear
(c) crown wheel and the drive pinion
(d) crown wheel and the planet gear

Question :- The example of a saloon is
(a) Premier car
(b) Tata truck
(c) Leyland bus
(d) none of these

Question :- The component of the torque converter that drives the oil is the
(a) turbine
(b) impeller
(c) freewheel
(d) stator

Question :- The parts of the cover assembly that hold the pressure plate against the clutch plate are the
(a) release levers
(b) thrust bearings
(c) struts
(d) springs

Question :- In a clutch will coil springs, the wear of the clutch lacing will cause the clamping load to
(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remain constant
(d) become infinite

Question :- The smaller gears inside the differential casing are
(a) pinion gears
(b) sun gears
(c) side gears
(d) ring gears

Question :- Panhard rod is used to absorb the
(a) vertical loading
(b) driving thrust
(c) side thrust
(d) braking torque

Question :- The type of gear axle used on trucks is
(a) semi-floating
(b) fully-floating
(c) three-quarter floating
(d) none of these

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An automobile engineering MCQ PDF containing 1050+ questions can be an excellent study resource for anyone preparing for MVI and JE examinations because many of MCQ match with previously asked in MVI and JE exam. It provides quick coverage of various MCQ related to automobile engineering, improves time management skills, and helps with the retention of information. Additionally, it is flexible and can be accessed on various devices, allowing for on-the-go study.

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