automobile engineering mcq

Automobile Engineering MCQ

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Are you preparing for Junior Engineer, Motor Vehicle Inspector recruitment examinations or Automobile Engineering entrance examination ?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

We have compiled thousands of Automobile Engineering MCQ for JE aspirants.

In this article you will find MCQ of all the Automobile and gives you everything you need for the exam preparation.

Why these MCQs are important ?

We have done complete research on Junior Engineer examinations and found that these mcqs are proven important for any JE, MVI examinations.

Also we have done research on many authorised books on Mechanical Engineering and JE recruitment exam for reference.

So we make it fun to read online Automobile Engineering MCQ for free.

With the help of these online mcqs it become easy to read mcq while travelling and at any other place where carrying the entire book is not practical.

What is source of these MCQs ?

These Automobile Engineering multiple choice questions are previously asked various JE And MVI recruitment examinations.

Exams like SSC JE, MVI, State PSC (HPPSC, UPPSC, MPPSC etc.) and many more.

It seems very challenging for you to find right MCQ on internet. We have done it for you to make it easy and free.

Automobile Topics included :

Thse are all the Automobile engineering topic MCQ based on latest pattern :

1. Introduction
2. Chassis Construction
3. Transmission
4. Clutch
5. Drive Line
6. Front axle & rear axle
7. Suspension system
8. Tyres and wheels
9. Braking System
10. Electrical System
11. Automobile equipments & tools
12. Automotive Body
13. Automotive material
14. Safety consideration
15. Vehicle chassis specifications
16. Cooling system
17. Engine service
18. Lubricants & lubrication

19. Fuels
20. Combustion and combustion chamber
21. Diesel engine fuel supply system
22. Petrol engine fuel supply system
23. Engine performance
24. Electronic ignition system
25. Conventional ignition system
26. Charging system
27. Starting system
28. Emission control
29. Automotive engine specification
30. Storage batteries
31. Motor vehicle Act

How to download PDF of these MCQ?

You can download DPF file from below:

Beneficial For Government Jobs

  • Indian army exam
  • UPPSC (JE)
  • HPPSC (JE)
  • SSC (JE)
  • MVI
  • All States Public Service commission (JE)

Beneficial For Private Sector Jobs

There are many big and famous private Sector automobile manufacturer in india like TATA, Mahindra etc.

How these MCQ works ?

Reading of these Automobile Engineering MCQ make daily routine for learning and memorising power.

Some helping points are:

  • Daily practice habit.
  • Read or learn MCQ while travelling.
  • First guess the answer and then see the correct answer.
  • Lage numbers of MCQ.
  • You can share MCQ with your freinds.
  • Easy accessibility.

How to learn MCQ ?

Reading of multiple choice questions seem very easy but learning mcq is quit challenging for most of the aspirants and students.

So we have made a quick guid on how to learn or memorise MCQs.

Read questions everyday basis and revise them again and again.

For example, if you read 50 MCQs of any one Automobile Engineering subject and it reaches 500+ MCQ daily.

Then everyday make a routine to revise 90% of previously read questions without seeing their answers. It means you have to revise 450+ questions daily.

Make your daily practice to revise 90% previous questions and read only 10% new questions.

In the start you will find that most of the questions are washing from you brain.

At this situation, please do not demotivate yourself by saying “Yaar mujhe to yaad hi nhi rehta”.

Because memory loss is natural practice of our brain and when you read a lot and then try to memorise the questions our brain start to stress itself.

Thats why we forget things.

The next thing that come up is practice.

It is also said by a wiseman that practice makes the man perfect. It is very much true.

If you forget questions don’t worry learn them again, if it happens again then learn them again and keep doing this unless you memorise these questions.

This is only the formula.

Tip: Revision of each question must be more than 100 time. This is my experience.

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