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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-66

Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 646: In a master cylinder of a hydraulic brake system, the primary piston is the piston that is:
A) Near the front end of the car
B) Directly operated by the brake pedal
C) Hydraulically operated by the secondary piston
D) Operated by the return spring


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 647:- In a friction clutch assembly, the flywheel is located between the:
A) Driven shaft and transmission
B) Transmission and propeller shaft
C) Driven and driver shaft
D) Engine and driven shaft


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 648:- ‘Which of the following is NOT a part of the air conditioning system used in cars? 
1. Compressor 
2. Refrigerant 
3. Turbo charger 
4. Condenser


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 649:- Read the given statement and conclusions carefully and select the correct option.
Self-locking screw jack means when the rotational force on the screw is removed, it will remain motionless and will not rotate backwards.
I. Self-locking screw jacks are safer compared to hydraulic jack which is not self-locking.
II. Single start trapezoidal type screws are typically self-locking.
III. All screw jacks with double start lifting screws are also considered self-locking.
Options :
1. Statement and all the conclusions I, II and III are true.
2. Statement is incorrect, but conclusions I and II are true.
3. Statement is true, but conclusions I, II and III are false.
4. Only statement and conclusions I and II are true.


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 650:- ‘Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about wire wheels?
Options :
1. This type of wheel can be used for tubed tyres only.
2. This type of wheel is used in racing cars only now a days.
3. Heat dissipation takes place to the surroundings by means of spokes fitted in the rim.
4. Tubeless tyres cannot be fitted over wire wheels.



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