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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-65

Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 641: Which of the following symptoms is not due to low tyre pressure in a vehicle ?
A) Increase in rolling resistance
B) Increased fuel consumption due to rolling resistance, which makes the engine work harder
C) Uneven tread wear-the edges of the tyre wear out faster
D) Smaller contact area with the road


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 642:- Which of the following statements is incorrect about mechanical brakes?
A) Brakes absorb energy and convert it to heat
B) The capacity of a brake depends largely on the surface area of frictional surfaces but independent of the actuation force applied.
C) The durability of a brake or service life between maintenance depends heavily on the type of material used to line the shoe.
D) Mechanical brakes all act by generating frictional forces as two surfaces rub against each other.


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 643:- Which of the following is Not the main part of your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system?
A) Brake pad
B) Brake line
C) Brake disc
D) Leaf spring


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 644:- What is the principle of hydraulic brake system?
A) Zeroth law of hydraulics
B) Newton’s law of friction
C) Pascal’s law of pressure
D) Fourier’s law of conduction


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 645:- A braking system commonly used in heavy commercial vehicles and trucks that requires a heavy braking effort that can be applied by the driver’s leg alone is known as:
A) Hydraulic brake system
B) Internal expanding brake system
C) Band brake system
D) Air brake system



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