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This is Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ page 8 containing mcq from question 71 to 80 in the series of hundreds of Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-71

which of the following strategy is NOT effective in enhancing a patient impaired vision?

(a) use bright colors around patient
(b) stand in patient field of vision
(c) use of fluorescent lighting
(d) ensure enough light inside the room

Ans: (c) use of fluorescent lighting

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-72

A patient is o0n oral paracetamol 2 tablet every 3 hours priority nursing action for this client is …

(a) the patient level of pain
(b) temperature of the patient
(c) the amount of daily dose
(d) risk for bleeding

Ans: (c) the amount of daily dose

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-73

Which of the following is the leading cause of death among adolescents?

(a) stress related illnesses
(b) suicide
(c) communicable diseases
(d) accidents

Ans: (d) accidents

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-74

Other name for collapsing pulse is …

(a) Thread pulse
(b) water -hammer pulse
(c) bounding pulse
(d) pulse deficit

Ans: (b) water -hammer pulse

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-75

Appropriate time duration to assess pulse is

(a) 15 seconds
(b) 30seconds
(c) 45 seconds
(d) one minute

Ans: (d) one minute

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-66

Temperature regulation is under the control of

(a) Lungs
(b) pituitary gland
(c) hypothalamus
(d) pineal gland

Ans: (c) hypothalamus

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-77

Inward movement of the foot is termed as

(a) flexion
(b) extension
(c) pronation
(d) supination

Ans: (c) pronation

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-78

Appropriate position to provide oral care of conscious patient is

(a) supine position with head turned sideways
(b) left lateral position
(c) Trendelenburg position
(d) flower’s position

Ans: (d) flower’s position

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-79

Slow administration of NG feed helps to reduce.

(a) flatulence
(b) distension
(c) regurgitation
(d) indigestion

Ans: (c) regurgitation

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-80

H.s means

(a) before meals
(b) after meals
(c) early morning
(d) at the bed time

Ans: (d) at the bed time


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