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This is Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ page 7 containing mcq from question 61 to 70 in the series of hundreds of Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-61

Which of the following is an example of nursing diagnosis?

(a) Hypertension
(b) Pain
(c) Shock
(d) Hyperglycemia

Ans: (b) Pain

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-62

Patient with which of the following disease condition often gets relief through complementary therapies?

(a) Ulcers
(b) Chronic pain and arthritis
(c) Myocardial infraction
(d) Diabete

Ans: (b) Chronic pain and arthritis

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-63

The ethical principal to do not harm is considered to be….principle.

(a) Justice
(b) Beneficence
(c) non -maleficence
(d) autonomy

Ans: (c) non -maleficence

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-64

Which among of the following electrolyte has to be replaced in a client with vomiting and diarrhea

(a) sodium
(b) potassium
(c) calcium
(d) magnesium

Ans: (b) potassium

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-65

which of the following nursing intervention decreases the risk of aspiration while feeding a patient with dysphagia?

(a) sit the patient upright in the chair
(b) provide liquid only at the end of the meal
(c) provide only soft food
(d) instruct the patient to lie down foe 45 mins after food

Ans: (a) sit the patient upright in the chair

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-66

which of the priority concern in a nurse while caring for a client with opioid addiction is …

(a) difficulty arousing the patient
(b) oxygen saturation of 95%
(c) respiratory rate 12 breath /min
(d) pain score 50 on scale of 0 to 100

Ans: (a) difficulty arousing the patient

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-67

which of the following drug increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding ?

(a) aspirin
(b) acetaminophen
(c) tranexamic acid
(d) dextran

Ans: (a) aspirin

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-68

A client is complaining of urinary urgency and frequency clean -voided urine sample appears to be cloudy .Most probable diagnosis will be

(a) cystitis
(b) dysuria
(c) nephrotic syndrome
(d) haematuria

Ans: (a) cystitis

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-69

Post-operative period respiratory complications can be prevented by

(a) Deep breathing
(b) Coughing exercises
(c) Incentive spirometer
(d) all the above

Ans: (d) all the above

Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ Number-70

A drug that relieves flatulence is known as

(a) carminatives
(b) purgatives
(c) antacids
(d) astringents

Ans: (a) carminatives


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