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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-76

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-76
Question 691:  ‘What tool is used for cutting metal with a hammer in an automobile maintenance workshop?

Options :
A. Pliers
B. Chisels
C. Hacksaw
D. Solder


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 692:- ………….is commonly used to tighten or loosen screws in a machine element of an automobile.

Options :
A. Screw driver
B. Pliers
C. Reamer
D. Sinter


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 693:- ‘Which of the following statements is correct regarding the materials used in body work of an automobile?
1. Steel is still used in majority of the cases being the cheapest along with the case with which it can be stamped out to form various shapes.
II. Thermoplastics are quite often used for components like boot coves, grills etc.

Options :
A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor I


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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-76
Question 694:- ‘What function does ‘Sulphur’ perform in relation to tyre material in the production of rubber?

Options :
A. Speed enhancer
B. Vulcanizing agent
C. Helps in better gripping on the road
D. Helps in better turning on the road


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 695:- In an automobile, what is the typical cross-sectional shape of the shaft?

Options :
A. Circular
B. Rectangular
C. Triangular
D. Tubular



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