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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-70

Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 661:  ‘Which of the following types of piston rings located in the ring groove is closest to the crankcase?
Options :

1. Oil ring
2. Compression ring
3. Wiper ring
4.  Heat transfer ring


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 662:- ‘Which of the following manufacturing methods will produce the strongest piston using aluminium alloys?
Options :

1. Marching processes
2. Casting method
3. Forging method
4. Welding method


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 663:- The maximum magnitude of the unbalanced force perpendicular to the line of stroke of an engine to cause the variation in pressure between the wheel and the rail such that the vehicle vibrates vigorously is known as:
Options :
1. Swaying Couple
2. Hammer Blow
3. Resonance
4. Natural Vibration


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 664:- The firing order in an engine is important because a correct firing order can cause …………
Options :

1. low pollution
2. minimum vibration
3. good air cooling
4. low fuel consumption


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 665:- ‘Which of the following statements about torque tube drive is INCORRECT?
Options :
1. The propeller shaft is enclosed by a hollow torque tube.
2. Two universal joints are used.
3. Load-carrying capability is very low.
4. There is no slip joint in torque tube drive.



Automobile 1050+ MCQ PDF Download from below:

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