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Electrical Machines-Transformer MCQ-4 Question 16:-

The mutual flux in a loaded transformer can be varied by varying

(a) primary current.
(b) load impedance.
(c) secondary current.
(d) reluctance of the magnetic path.

Ans: (d) reluctance of the magnetic path. ✔

Electrical Machines-Transformer MCQ Question 17:-

Power transformed from primary to secondary depends upon

(a) number of primary turns.
(b) number of secondary turns.
(c) current transformation ratio.
(d) magnetic coupling between primary and secondary windings.

Ans: (d) magnetic coupling between primary and secondary windings. ✔

Electrical Machines-Transformer MCQ Question 18:-

In a transformer supplying inductive load

(a) the secondary current results in equivalent primary current in phase opposition.
(b) the secondary terminal voltage is less than the secondary induced emf.
(c) the power factor on primary side will be lower than that of load.
(d) all of the above

Ans: (d) all of the above

Electrical Machines-Transformer MCQ Question 19:-

When a transformer is operating on no load, the primary applied voltage is approximately balanced by

(a) primary induced emf.
(b) secondary induced emf.
(c) terminal voltage across the secondary.
(d) voltage drop across the resistance and reactance

Ans: (a) primary induced emf. ✔

If the smallest division of a vernier is longer than the smallest division of its primary scale, the vernier is known as Retrograde vernier.

Electrical Machines-Transformer MCQ Question 20:-

Primary winding of a transformer comprises of two identical windings in parallel. If one winding is removed, magnetising current will be

(a) halved.
(b) the same.
(c) doubled
(d) increased four times.

Ans: (c) doubled ✔


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